Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is the duty tariff on imported items during arrival at Dhaka Airport.

The list is effective from 10th of June 2010
Please feel free to comment in the section if you have got an even a more updated version of this list. Thanks.

I have acquired this information from the "National Board Of Revenue" and also from the declaration form upon my trip to Bangladesh last June. 

Normally importing goods listed below are really hassle free. Last June on my way back to Bangladesh, I brought a 55 inch Samsung LED 3d TV and the process of paying the tax was quite unexpectedly smooth. Upon Arrival I took my TV to the X-Ray Machine and there were some officer standing by told me to take it to another desk for clearing the tax. Which I did and I was given a form and was told to pay 100 K for the tv to a bank (which was already inside in the Airport and was just 1 minute walk) And after that I handed back the receipt to the officer which I got from the bank and "WALAH" I was out of the Airport. 

It was really simple. 

The main reason for me to put this information up in the internet is because I know how frustrating it can be for someone to not been able to find customs duty information as simple as this on the internet. 

So this is for all the people who wants to or thinking of bringing their nice as TV or the Home Theatre system to Bangladesh.

1. Plasma, LCD, TFT from
(a) 18 - 21 inch                                   :           10,000             TAKA
(b) 22 - 29 inch                                   :           15,000             TAKA
(b) 30 - 42 inch                                   :           20,000             TAKA
(c) 43- 52 inch                                    :           75,000             TAKA 
(d) 53 – Above                                   :           100,000           TAKA

2.(a) Home Theatre system with Four Speaker                    :           4,000   TAKA
   (b) Home Theatre system more than Four but less than eight:     8,000   TAKA

3.(a) Refrigerator/Deep Freezer                                 :           5000    TAKA

4. Dish washer/Washing Machine/Cloth Dryer          :           3000    TAKA

5. Air Cooler/Air Conditioner                            
(a) Window Type                                                        :           7,000    TAKA
(B) Split Type                                                             :           15,000 TAKA

6. Gas Oven with burner                                            :           3,000   TAKA

7. Dish Antenna                                                          :           7,000   TAKA

8. Gold (200 gram)                                                     :           6         TAKA/11.664 gram

9. HD Cam, DV Cam, Beta Cam  for professional Use        :           15,000 TAKA

10. Air gun/Air Rifle                                                  :           5,000   TAKA
       (Upon evidence of permission from the Bangladesh Government)

11. Chandelier                                                            :           300      TAKA/Point

12 Carpet                                                                    :           300      TAKA/square meter